Organizational Structure
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National Congress Elections were held on the 10th August, 2013

Elected National Executive Committee Members

President - Mr Mashumi A Shongwe
Deputy President - Mr Smodern Msane
General Secretay - Ms Phendulile Zikalala
Deputy General Secretay - Mr Bongumusa Sikhonze
Treasurer - Mr Mduduzi Gule

Mr Machawe Mazibuko (Shiselweni Region)
Mr Sabelo Dlamini (Manzini Region)
Mr Jeremiah Maziya (Hhohho Region)


Regional Secretaries

MANZINI - Wandile Zwane
HHOHHO - Jeremiah Dlamini
SHISELWENI - Majahonke Mazibuko

Current Operational Officers

Mashumi A Shongwe (President)
Ms Phendulile Zikalala (Secretary General & Senior Administrator)
Mr Ayanda Ndwandwe (Legal Officer)
Ms Gcinile Zikalala (Finance)
Mr Makhosonke Dlamini (Operations In Charge)
Mduduzi Mkhaliphi (Recruitment)

What this organization represents to our Senior Officers:

Mashumi Shongwe

It is an honour to be part of the worker‘s union SEIWU.
Having a union with SEIWU‘s vision is crucial for sustainable economic growth. Strike actions, protests and aggression are, unfortunately, all too common in the Southern African region harming the economic health of both investors and workers. Our policies and operating procedures seek to diffuse any volatile situations well before the boiling point is reached.


In order to commit to Swaziland with confidence, investors need a guarantee of peaceful relationships and maturity within the work place. The high rate of unemployment in our country provides a large, available labour force to potential investors. When treated with respect and appreciation, the labour force enables the investor to prosper.

This is the balance that SEIWU seeks to encourage and maintain.

I believe the commitment should start from the employees to commit to our employers. The enmity that exists in some organisations needs to be neutralised and redirected into a spirit of working for the benefit of all.

I for one, see this union as the only hope for the future of our people and the prosperity of our country.

I appeal to all workers and my fellow unions to strive to maintain current jobs and create a healthy environment within which to create more opportunities for our people. We shall all fight for creating a conducive environment for stability and justice within a reasonable, law abiding environment. I invite new serious investors to consider this country as an excellent opportunity to invest in Africa.

Unity is power. It is our assignment as the Swazi nation to help fulfil the dream of the Ingwenyama and reach First World Status through hard work and pleasant, healthy relationships between employers and employees.


- Mashumi A. Shongwe - Elected National Chairman

Phenulile Zikalala

I feel this Union will bring about positive change for both the workers as well as the employers in Swaziland as it strives to create healthy, balanced relationships in the work place based on solidly principled, mutually respectful communication.

Poor communication, aggressive actions and disrespect between employers and employees are fatal to a thriving economy.


SEIWU focuses on job creation, economic growth and the quality of relationships within organisations. It is the prime goal of this Union to focus on these dynamics to ensure a stable & harmonious working environment across Swaziland. I believe that by adhering to the structure of this organisation's Christian principles of fairness & thoughtful dialogue we can work together to ensure the rights of the workers while maintaining the peace of mind of large investors.

Working with government and investors, I see the opportunities of economic development as a nation building exercise that will benefit all.

Smooth operations of our organisation require us to be up-to-date and extremely organised. We pay close attention to the details in order to ensure clarity and accuracy in our negotiations and operations.

This includes:

  • Keeping updated on gazettes and statutes covering all industries we are representing
  • Filing all SEIWU communication information, documents and registers for ease of access
  • Recording all minutes and keeping records of all meetings of administration

Being a SEIWU official requires one to be strategic in all operations and requires accountability and accurate reporting.

Professionalism needs to be planted in our shop stewards on the ground to enable them to be responsible leaders in their workplaces. We are on a continuous mission to formulate educational modules; organize workshops, seminars and courses for SEIWU shop stewards, personnel and all organs of SEIWU for good governance of the organisation thorough understanding of our operations and procedures.

- Phendulile Alexandra Zikalala - Elected National General Secretary


SEIWU was founded in the interest of wanting to create more job opportunities and better working relationships for the lower and middle class people.

As an operations officer, my priority is to attend to complaints and address the issues of our members in their work places. Recruiting members and educating them about the union‘s principles, vision, goal and constitution is my mandate.


When any dispute arises, the law is used accordingly thus enabling both employees and employers to know their rights and act with good conduct. Working to the law ensures that the employer is held accountable to provide a safe, healthy working environment and the employee in return is held accountable to respect this environment and work within the rules. This process enables fair judgments and does not leave issues outstanding.

It is my desire to see all of our members enjoying being at work. We look forward to having more companies recognizing this unique union and seeing the economy of Swaziland growing through an increase of investors in our nation.

- Makhosonke Dlamini - Operations Officer

Jabulani Nxumalo

SEIWU is the answer and hope for the economy of this kingdom, and an excellent climate facilitator between the employer and employee, holding hands together for a lifetime upswing of the economy of Swaziland.

The partnership of the Employer and Employee is the foundation of SEIWU's existence. SEIWU is a union that is an integral part of business improvement and economic development for this kingdom.


The union plays a major role in strengthening the relationships and principles of honesty, faithfulness and partnership between the Employer and Employee. SEIWU further builds and increases the capacity of the two partners to understand the intricacies of good labour relations and fully upholds the principle of tripartism and negotiations on all matters that concern the relation between the two partners and the government.

We strive to encourage dialogue, peace, harmony and professionalism in the work place. I would like to stress to every employer that SEIWU is an instrument which is at the disposal of every employer to utilise in order to address all matters that directly and indirectly affect the relationship between the Employer and Employee.

We invest in negotiations and use the front door policy when announcing our presence at the employer‘s premises. As a result of this, we cultivate trust and transparency.

With the principles of tripartism (Government, Employer and Employee), social dialogue, collective bargaining and Christian values, we encourage more investment to come into the country and seek to revive closed industries.

We promote respect, professionalism, commitment, honesty and social partnership as our bases of demonstrating to all and sundry that Swaziland is an excellent investment choice.

We encourage any company to work with us on promoting industrial peace and maximum production within their organisations.

We pride the economy as our baby that we must all nurture, nourish and protect that we may all grow.

- Jabulani Nxumalo - Public Relations Officer

What this organization represents to our Junior Officers:

SABELO MKHABELA Recruiting Officer

Working for SEIWU is interesting, challenging and requires great patience. I used to work for Sun International where I had my first experience with unions different from SEIWU. I served as the head shop steward for a long time. I have conducted many public presentations representing the union, attended cases and negotiated for our members.

Frankly, this is a challenging task but the refreshing difference with SEIWU is that things are done professionally and at the end there are fair judgments. The Christian based principle and Front Door Policy brings a smile to both the Employer and Employees, giving me a proper platform to bring light and a guaranteed future for the middle class workers.

I would like to invite other Employers and Employees to try SEIWU, we are unique and professional.

MDUDUZI MKHALIPHI Recruiting Officer

It is not about status or prestige, rather hard work and commitment that will take us from zero to hero. I committed myself to SEIWU in March 2013 when I was still an employee at Montigny Investments Nhlangano. With my strong ambitions and dedication to the union‘s principles, vision and mission, I couldn‘t help but to tell as many employees as I could about it. They started calling me SEIWU, I loved the title even more.

In July 2013, SEIWU considered me as a full-time employee for the union. It is my duty to recruit members from other companies. I know exactly what the union did for me before I joined it‘s staff. It enabled a better working atmosphere and provided great benefits. Recruiting members requires huge patience because some workers have been exposed to other unions which resorted to violence resulting in loss of jobs and are afraid to repeat the past.

SEIWU is here to heal those wounds and solve issues professionally through the use of law. Its is a Christian based union so violence is never an option to solve problems. SEIWU is our hope, it is up to us to join or continue experiencing a disturbing account of life.


SEIWU specialises in documenting all information and operations. We take great care in keeping accurate notes and up to date minutes of agreements between employers and employees. As per the implementation of the Front Door Policy, when approaching a company we disclose detailed information about the union‘s principles, vision, mission, goals and constitution. Such information is always kept up to date and serves as a mouthpiece for the union. All meetings and workshops conducted by the union are recorded into our systems; captured company information is also precisely recorded. It is my great pleasure to be at your disposal in listening and attending to all your complaints, concerns and wishes about the union.




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