A Few Information About Us

Swazi Economic Improvement Workers Union

Swazi Economic Improvement Workers Union is a well-established entity formed for representing employees at work place in all sectors including but not limited to textile, mining, hotel & catering...

"Uprooting the Economy for collective bargaining ”



  • 2010Naming Of The Union

    We formulated under the name Swazi Economic Improvement Workers Union Constitution stating the governing rules of the operation of the Union taking most views from the founding members.
  • 2012Registration Of SEIWU

    The Union was registered with the Commissioner of Labour under Section 27 of the Industrial relations Act of 2000 as amended and is recognized by the Eswatini Government.
  • 2013Employement

    The Board of Trustees employed prominent, experienced and educated personnel to administratively drive the Union forward and further appointed an interim committee which comprises of The Chairman, General Secretary, and Treasurer to uphold and uplift the union until its national congress or rather AGM
  • 2021Membership-

    The union has over 11000 members since 2011 with more than 38 Companies to date and its moving forwards it has an annual negotiation plan for all companies for collective bargaining purposes with its current membership.